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Intermediate School News

Calamity Day Make-up

The LaBrae Local School District is required by the State of Ohio to make-up any calamity days beyond five days.  This past winter season, the district used a total of six calamity days.  Therefore, the district needs to make-up one school day.  This make-up day has been added to the end of the school calendar, thus adjusting the student's last day of school.  The make-up day and student's last day of school is now Friday, May 30, 2014.  Also, as a reminder, this is an early release day for the district.

Strep Throat Alert

Parents, be aware we are seeing several cases of strep throat in our elementary grades.  If your child is complaining of symptoms consistent with strep throat please consult your health care provider for diagnosis and treatment.  Common symptoms of strep throat vary, but may include:

  • Fever
  • Red, sore throat, with pus spots, swollen tender glands
  • Vomiting

If your child is diagnosed please keep him/her home for 24-48 hours after appropriate diagnosis and treatment, or per your health care provider’s instructions.

LaBrae Acceleration Information

LaBrae Local Schools does provide opportunities for families to have their child, where appropriate, to be given consideration for academic acceleration.  Parents should read the District policy on acceleration.  Parents can access the policy through the following link:  LaBrae Board of Education Policies.  Once you are redirected to the policies, click on the policy section 5000 Students.  Find policy 5410: Promotion, Acceleration and Retention. 

Additionally, parents should read the acceleration  notice.  Should a parent like to make a referral, the parent can print off the referral form located on the District website and submit it to the building principal for consideration. 

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