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It is never too early to begin thinking about protecting yourself from the flu.  The following link to the CDC is full of information on flu prevention, treatment, signs and symptoms.  Let’s all commit to being flu fighters and keeping our students, staff, and families flu free this year!  Check out the link for what you need to know about the flu.

LaBrae Local Schools' 2014 Ohio Report Card One of the Best in Trumbull County

The Ohio Department of Education has released the 2014 school report cards, reflecting academic performance for the 2013-2014 school year.  When you access LaBrae's district report card, or the report card of one of our buildings, you will notice that we receive grades in categories labeled Student Achievement, Student Progress, Gap Closing and Graduation Rate.  In the coming years, K-3 literacy will be a graded component as well as Student College/Career Readiness.This year's report card demonstrates LaBrae's continued growth and excellence as an institution of learning.  

Overall grades will not be placed on the report cards until 2016 as Ohio transitions to new learning standards and higher levels of accountability.   For example, one change for this report card is the requirement for districts to get 80% of their students proficient in a testing category in grades 3-8, and grade 10, in order to meet the indicators in Student Achievement.  This is an increase of 5% points from the 75% proficiency rate required in previous years.  The State's relaxing of overall grades for districts and individual school buildings is designed to prevent schools from being graded negatively as districts adjust to the implementation of new standards and accountability measures. 

In short, LaBrae's 2014 report card has many successes.  When one examines the details, and considers the increased proficiency requirement, one will find that this is the strongest report card LaBrae has ever had in the 21 year era of accountability.  Furthermore, while LaBrae is proud of its success on Ohio's report card, our report card is not our only measure of success.  There are numerous examples of excellence and commitment to students throughout our District that when coupled with our excellent achievement, serve as evidence of the good we are doing for our students and families.  All of our successes are a testament to the hard work of our students and staff, and are achieved with the help of a strong and supportive community.  This is a report card of which the LaBrae community can be proud.

Additionally, LaBrae Local Schools has also provided PDF attachments below comparing all 20 public schools in Trumbull County.  Despite the State's lack of a letter grade assignment, the District simply calculated all grades assigned, averaged the letter grades on the grade scale provided, and arrived at an overall G.P.A. and letter grade for Trumbull County Schools.  Please note, that this methodology is not scientific and does not take into account the variables that impact achievement in each Trumbull County district/community, and is merely provided to our community for the sake of comparison. 

(Note: These report cards link to ODE's website and provide interactivity, allowing the viewer access to greater detail in each component accessible through embedded hyperlinks.)

2014 LaBrae Local Schools Report Card

2014 LaBrae High School Report Card

2014 LaBrae Middle School Report Card

2014 LaBrae Intermediate School Report Card

2014 Bascom Elementary School Report Card  {Bascom's Report Card will only provide K-2 literacy data on the percentage of students who are on track in reading.}

Title I survey for Parents of Elementary, Intermediate and Middle School students

Title I school wide is a federal program designed to help all students reach high academic standards.  The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather information on how well the school communicates with parents.  Please take a few minutes to respond to the questions below.  Your feedback will be used to improve parent communication and parent involvement activities at the school.  Suggestions on how we can better help students at school and at home are welcome.  Thank you in advance for providing your input.

Title I survey for Parents of Elementary, Intermediate and Middle School students

New High School Graduation Requirements Coming

With the passage of House Bill 487 this month, Ohio now has new graduation requirements effective with the class of 2018, or those students who are freshmen in the 2014-2015 school year. 

Update on Ohio’s New High School Graduation Requirements


Parents, letters have been mailed to all students identified has not having complete immunization documentation on file. If you receive a letter please take time over the summer to have your child’s updated shot record faxed to the school. Additionally, all students entering 7th grade must have a Tdap booster on file. Information was given to all sixth grade students to bring home. All shot records must be on file by September 30, 2014.

Ohio Department of Health requirements may be viewed at Immunizations are available at the Trumbull County Health Department. To schedule an appointment, or check clinic dates, call 330-675-2590. You may also check their website for information

Environmental Science Newsletter

Parent Roadmaps to Understanding the Third Grade Reading Guarantee


The track at the Sports Complex is open to the public for walking beginning Monday, March 31. It is open from 6:30 AM until dusk on days that school is in session.

Open Enrollment Information - 2014-2015 School Year

Open enrollment for the 2014-2015 school year for LaBrae Local Schools is now closed.  The open enrollment application period was from March 1st-31st, 2014.  If you turned in an application, you will be notified by mail of approval or denial by June 30, 2014.

Reputable Researcher Professes Public Schools Successful and Under Assault

Ms. Diane Ravitch, who served as the Assistant Secretary of Education under George H.W. Bush in charge of the Department of Education's Office of Educational Research and Improvement, claims in this video of her interview with Jon Stewart of The Daily Show that public schools are an American success story. Originally, a proponent of accountability and supporter of No Child Left Behind, Ravitch has transformed her thinking and questions the "testing" initiative in public education and the "privatization movement" with the greater commitment by public officeholders to promote the growth of charter schools.

Ravitch believes that there is an assault on public education, and as she stated in an interview with Tim Goral, the senior editor of District Administration, the assault "is deliberate. This is a national effort to destabilize and to undermine public confidence in public education, and to make people feel that things are so desperate that anything is worth trying. So you get people opening charter schools who are totally unqualified to run a school..."

In the interview with Jon Stewart, she discusses this movement, which is the basis for the title of her new book, Reign of Error. If you care about public education and equal access for all, this video is a quality informational piece recommended for viewing.

Source: Goral, Tim (2013, December). On Topic: Q & A with Diane Ravitch. District Administration. 10-12.


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