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Check Medication Expiration Date

Thinking ahead to spring, I am sending home notices to students who have an expired inhaler or EpiPen® in the clinic.   Please look for these in book bags & folders.  If your child carries his/her own medication please check the expiration date & replace accordingly.  It seems like the bees show up earlier every year so please get those Epi Pens to school by March 1st.  Thank You, Mrs. Harper.

Stomach Issues

Parents, we are starting to see an uptick in the number of students K-6 reporting off with stomach issues. If your child has had vomiting, diarrhea, or fever the 24 hours prior to the school day please keep them home until they are symptom free for a full 24 hours. The same applies if your child is sent home from school with the above symptoms. If your child sees the doctor follow the doctor's orders regarding any medications as well as when they are allowed to return to school. Remember to bring a Doctor's note for attendance purposes. Thank you!

Sharron Harper MSN, RN
School Nurse

Semester Exam Block Schedule

For students in grades 9-12, we are using a semester exam block schedule for January 13-14. Students will only be assigned semester exams for semester classes AND college credit plus classes. Classes not administering semester exams will have a normal day of instruction. Students are expected to attend school and will not be permitted to leave school if their class is not participating in an exam. Semester exams will be assigned over a two-day period and students will complete exams during the scheduled time. Semester exam retakes will be coordinated on Friday, January 15.  See the following PDF for the exam schedule.

2016 Seniors & Parents

Please don't forget to get your senior pictures taken this fall.  Senior Pictures and Senior Recognition Ads are due to Mrs. Aldridge before Christmas Break (December 18).  Information will be sent home with Seniors the week of August 31st and also posted on Viking Nation.

H.S./M.S. Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up Instructions Focus on Student Safety

In an effort to improve safety during the times when M.S./H.S. students are dropped off at school in the morning, we are requiring that parents use the driving lane directly along the M.S./H.S. entrance, or the designated drop-off locations on the west side of the LaBrae Complex.  Students are not to be dropped off in the main drive of the Complex.  Doing so creates an unsafe environment where students then have to cross traffic in the main drive and/or the visitor parking lot in front of the Complex. 

In order to prevent students from crossing through traffic, we ask that parents do not park along the main drive for student pick up.  Parents picking up their M.S./H.S. child are to use the driving lane adjacent to the school, or the parking lot in front of the Board of Education, which is directly behind the bus loading zone. Vehicles are prohibited from being in the bus loading zone during student drop-off/pick-up times.

It is important to eliminate any practices where students have to cross traffic as they enter or exit the building. Therefore, we kindly request that our parents join us in helping to make the morning/afternoon traffic environment at LaBrae a safe place for students.  Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated!

Please refer to the map below for the designated areas referred to above.

Map of acceptable and unacceptable drop-off and pick-up locations for MS and HS students.

2014-2015 Bullying Report for LaBrae Local Schools

The attached report provides data on the types of bullying that occurred at LaBrae Local Schools during the 2014-2015 school year.  Information is also provided on the types of administrative action taken for various incidents.

HS Final Exam Schedule

Schedule Due Dates

Students in grades 8-11 must have schedules completed and signed by both teachers and parents by the following dates:

Mrs. Pleacher’s 8th gradersFebruary 10 and 11thperiods 1,2,3,4,5
Miss Pozzuto’s freshmenFebruary 17 and 18thperiods 1,2,4,6,8
Mrs. Helmick’s sophomoresFebruary 20 and 23periods 2,3,4,6,7
Mrs. Smith’s juniorsFebruary 24 and 25periods 1,3,4,6,7

Haylee Harford is Heading to Columbus to Compete for a State Championship in Golf

One of our students, Haylee Harford, is heading to Columbus to compete for a State Championship in golf.  This year, in the All American Conference, Haylee competed in the boys division.  How well did she play?  She not only led all golfers in the AAC in scoring during the season, but she also dominated the AAC tournament by beating all the players, even players from larger schools, such as Boardman, Canfield, Harding & Austintown Fitch.

Just this season, Haylee has set two individual LaBrae records:

She shattered the previous season average, set in 1989, by averaging an under par 35.1 over 14 matches and Haylee also owns the best 9 hole score by shooting a 4 under par round of 32.

Her tournament run so far looks like this:

Out of 85 golfers at the sectional tournament in Punderson, Haylee finished in 1st place with a 3 over 75.

Out of 72 qualifiers that made it to the Districts in Canton, Ohio, Haylee again was the best golfer on the course, shooting an unbelievable 4 under par 68.

In other words, she is really, really good! 

We are very proud to have Haylee Harford represent LaBrae High School in the Ohio State tournament this weekend in Columbus. 

It is a great day to be a Viking!

National Bullying Prevention Month

The following lesson was given by Sophomore Health teacher Mrs. Rutherford regarding National Bullying Prevention Month:

“October is National Bullying Prevention Month  On Tuesday, October 7th, to show our support, the High School Health Classes will be raising awareness by brightening someone's day! Health students each chose a student in the middle or high school or a staff member to highlight their amazing unique qualities that make them the wonderful people they are! If you notice your locker or door decorated with some notes, someone from Health class recognized how awesome you are!”

Excellent work by our sophomore students and Mrs. Rutherford.


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